Sergey Nazarov with Andre Cronje, Stani Kulechov, and Kain Warwick: A DeFi Roundtable from #SmartCon

DeFi is disrupting finance and crypto by moving beyond tokens and wallets into sophisticated smart contract applications that allow p2p lending, liquidity mining, synthetic assets, derivatives, and more.

DeFi pioneers Sergey Nazarov (Chainlink), Andre Cronje (yEarn), Stani Kulechoiv (Aave), and Kain Warwick (Synthetix) come together to explain DeFi’s remarkable growth on Ethereum, expansion into new markets, and the impact of live infrastructure, especially decentralized oracles, on DeFi protocols.
-Kain Warwick sees DeFi and yield farming as creating a level of global coordination never before seen in history
-Stani Kulechov addresses how governance tokens are being used to foster innovation beyond speculation, and warns of unknown dangers they might permit
-Sergey Nazarov discusses building decentralized oracles for DeFi protocols to have access to more secure building blocks for composable creativity
-Andre Cronje explains how he builds yEarn with using DeFi protocols like money Legos

3:00 – What is driving the growth of DeFi
12:30 – How will yield farming expand in the future
24:16 – What is the right way to compose money legos and defi protocols
37:00 – How do oracles play into DeFi’s growth

Chainlink’s Smart Contract Summit (#SmartCon) featured 70+ talks, panels, workshops, and AMAs with CEOs, CTOs, founders, and builders. Over 8,000 attendees from 100+ countries and all 7 continents watched 130+ speakers come together to discuss cutting edge research, current market trends, and the issues driving decentralized technology adoption.

SmartCon #0 ran August 28-29, 2020.

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