State Of The DApps - Joris Bontje, EtherCasts

Joris Bontje is a software engineer with experience in the fields of big data, blockchain and smart contract technology. Joris hosts the educational YouTube channel EtherCasts, which educates people on how to create decentralized applications with Ethereum. Joris is actively involved in advising large corporations on how to take advantage of the disruptive possibilities of blockchain technology and building Ethereum-based solutions which demonstrate these possibilities.

Joris will be talking about the State of the DApps. For more than a year he has been hosting and curating a list of all the Ethereum DApps known to mankind (except some obvious scams / ponzi schemes) on . In his talk he’ll reflect on the kind of DApps that are being developed by the community. What trends can we see? What are the favorite languages, frameworks and licenses? And of course answer the important question: does a "Tinder for Horses" already exist?

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