Swarm and the Ethereum Name Service - Viktor Trón & Nick Johnson, Ethereum

First of all we are really sorry for the lack of video – we used the slides instead. Both our cameras stopped working at different times during the event and we had to use the slides as background rather than video from the meetup. Luckily the sound recorder was still working and we have sound throughout the presentation. The quality sound quality on the questions in the Q&A is not great either but we’ll do our best to improve on it next time.

Viktor Trón is a core developer of the go client working for the Ethereum Foundation, mainly on Swarm. He strongly believes in decentralization supported by crypto 2.0 vision is a conduit for peaceful social change and brings new momentum towards a free voluntary society. A long-time contributor to the open source community he advocates free software, open source, open data and open collaboration models.He is against against copyright and patent laws. Viktor worked on Machine learning, AI, speech, language technology and big data.

Swarm is a server-less hosting and delivery solution that acts a native base layer service of the Ethereum web 3 stack. It allows participants of the Ethereum ecosystem to efficiently pool their storage and bandwidth resources in order to provide a robust distributed storage platform and content distribution service. Users can host dapps, store media, databases, blockchain and state, public archives or private backups. Due to Swarm being a decentralized peer-to-peer network, it is DDOS-resistant, zero-downtime, fault-tolerant and censorship-resistant as well as self-sustaining due to a built-in incentive system.

Swarm is designed to deeply integrate with Ethereum and gives a unique setting to support the web3 vision of the internet where browsing no longer just clicking through links and rendering content but where contractual interactions are the norm.
In this talk, we demonstrate all the features of the web3 experience emerging from this synergy such as name services, versioning and update, contract verification, IP attribution and licensing, insuring availability and auto scaling for popularity.

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