In this episode, Bobby Ong, co-founder of CoinGecko is joined by Siddharth Jain, co-founder of DeFi Dollar. Bobby interviewed Siddhartha on the background of DeFi Dollar, its stablecoins, its token and the use cases, more DeFi Dollar’s products, as well as DeFi Dollar’s plans.

[00:06] Intro
[00:49] Introduction of DeFi Dollar
[02:31] DeFi Dollar’s stablecoins
[05:11] DeFi Dollar Dao token (DFD) VS DeFi Dollar (DUSD) token
[14:31] Utility of DUSD
[18:37] Difference between DUSD and MUSD
[26:51] When are Defi Dollar’s products going live?
[28:34] Thoughts on BSC
[35:47] Outlook on crypto in India
[45:31] Plans for DeFi Dollar in the next few years

Quotes from the episode:

“There’s more than $200 million worth of Bitcoin volume and sets on Badger set. I think I’m probably low-balling the figure, but there is a lot of scope for that volume to come over via DeFi Dollar into interest building index. So these are some of the innovative products that we’re trying to do.” [21:13]

"So we’re releasing much of a more in-depth coverage of the interest bearing BTC this week." [27:19]

“We are hardcore Ethereum buff. Like we totally believe in the ideals of decentralization and how things should be, right. And that is the version that we’re aligned on.” [29:18]


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