Tezos Fundraiser ShapeShift Video Walkthrough

This is a brief video walkthrough to help those wishing to contribute to the Tezos fundraiser with altcoins using ShapeShift. It begins on July 1st, 2017 at 6am UTC.

The fundraiser FAQ is here: https://tezos.ch/pages/fundraiser-faq.html#fundraiser-faq

This is the link to the main fundraising video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uti8-1Y-Wkk

Here is the written guide for the ShapeShift portion:

If using ShapeShift, click the ShapeShift button and enter the type of alt you’d like to convert into XBT. The destination address automatically populates, though you should check it by clicking on Bitcoin on the conversion page. Enter a return address (an address where your alts can be send back) in case the transaction does not go through, and enter your email address for a receipt of the transaction. Submit after double-checking everything and you are ready to send to the Deposit Address it gives you. Wait until it is complete before leaving.

Once the transaction is confirmed (which will take 6 bitcoin blocks, regardless of your contribution method), you will be able to confirm receipt of your contribution by following the “receipts” link and entering the public hash listed in your wallet.