Welcome to episode 106 of the FTX Podcast with special guest Thomas Uhm and your host Tristan Yver.

Thomas works for Jane Street doing Crypto Institutional Sales & Trading. Jane Street Capital, typically referred to as Jane Street, is a global proprietary trading firm with over 1,700 employees. The company is one of the world’s largest market-makers, trading more than $17 trillion worth of securities in 2020.

Thanks for your time, energy & insight Thomas!

0:00 : Introduction & brief history.

1:34 : Jane Street time capsule.

4:40 : What is Jane Street?

 7:26 : Synchronistic trajectory.

13:24 : Building out in London.

15:43 : Scaling culture.

22:00 : Aligning knowledge systems.

29:06 : Trading: decision-making.

35:41 : Long-term trading strategy.

40:46 : Wild West vs Homogenized State.

43:58 : Too much liquidity?

47:12 : ETF’s vs Crypto.

53:30 : TradFi iterations in Crypto.

57:29 : NFTs are transformational.

1:03:39 : NFT thesis.

1:06:33 : Attention shift to crypto.

1:10:11 : Institutional growth. 

1:14:26 : Defi for institutions.

1:15:20 : Investing with Jane Street.

1:16:44 : Follow your passion.

1:19:55 : Life insights.

Thank you for joining us!

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