The FTX Podcast #113 - Valdez Russel VP of FTX Digital Markets

Welcome to episode 113 of the FTX Podcast with special guest Valdez K. Russell and your host Tristan Yver!

Valdez is VP of FTX Digital Markets. He was raised on Grand Bahama, the northernmost island of the Bahamas archipelago. Valdez has grown to be a fantastic ambassador promoting Bahamian excellence. Valdez’s warm hearted passion for humanity, his action oriented modus operandi and creative approach to networking are key components to building strong communities. Valdez has done fantastic work fostering beneficial relationships in the Bahamas that are facilitating the growth of both FTX and the Bahamian people.

Thank you Valdez, for your time, energy and insight!

Time Stamps:

0:00 : Introduction & brief history.

1:30 : The power of communication & networking to make a positive difference.

2:35 : Creating an invaluable synergistic community abroad for Bahamians.

4:19 : FTX finds Valdez: a good fit with the corporation.

5:59 : How to establish yourself in a new jurisdiction and be present as good corporate partners and citizens.

7:20 : ‘Securities Commission of the Bahamas’ is the regulating financial arm of the Bohemian government.

8:04 : Making the transfer to the Bahamas; tips for companies and foreigners about travel visas and the process.

9:37 : Crypto Bahamas: the premier cryptocurrency conference in the world.

11:22 : Particularly special causes that FTX is invested in.

13:06 : The extraordinary FTX Campus Plan.

17:30 : How Valdez keeps everything organized.

18:36 : ‘Crypto Connect Events’ bring Bahamians, international specialists & bright minds in the space together for education & expansion.

20:14 : Geographic details & inhabitable dynamics of the Bahamas.

21:43 : Tremendous storms impact on the islands & the solution-based resiliency of the Bahamian people.

23:33 : Regulation & compliance in the Bahamas: FTX is creating the standard for others that follow.

25:57 : The Bahamian Government’s White Paper on cryptocurrency & digital assets expresses support and willingness to be a good partner.

27:01 : Interest from other companies to do business in the Bahamas.

27:59 : FTX as an organization and the culture’s incredible atmosphere.

29:32 : Things to look forward to: Crypto Bahamas 2023, the new campus, new partners & more!

30:29 : Life lesson: people are at the heart of it all – how to show those people in your life that you cherish them.

Thank you for joining us!
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