The FTX Podcast #120 - Nathaniel Whittemore Head of Marketing at FTX

Welcome to the 120th episode of the FTX Podcast with special guest Nathaniel Whittemore and your host Tristan Yver!

Early in his career he was the Founder of the Center of Global Engagement at Northwestern, which guides undergraduate students who want to make an impact on international issues. He was working at Blockfolio when it was acquired by FTX – he is now our Head of Marketing. He leads the charge on brand narrative, storytelling and the advertising side of things. He is the host of The Breakdown; the world’s largest daily crypto podcast with analysis of macroeconomics, bitcoin, geopolitics and big picture power shifts. You can find him on all social networks: @NLW.

Thanks for coming on the show Nathaniel! Your time, energy & insight is appreciated!

Time stamps:

0:00 : Introduction.

1:24 : Crypto origin story & birth of The Breakdown.

4:53 : Social change motivation with a crypto solution: creating a program to help others make a big impact.

7:22 : Advice for youth who want to positively impact the world.

10:27 : Humanitarian efforts from the trenches in Cairo.

14:37 : Object level work creates a butterfly effect.

16:14 : Exploring different operational approaches to strengthen the FTX brand.

19:42 : The experimentation & distillation of overlapping marketing approaches.

21:28 : The state of FTX Marketing: staying nimble through market changes & being open-minded with success metrics.

25:07 : Marketing requires repetition, a pulse on target audience & market cycles.

28:09 : A marketeers dream: the one time people look forward to ads.

32:38 : Creating an instant hit with Larry David: advertising crypto.

37:37 : The production phase & strategy behind the Super Bowl ad.

41:14 : Gauging metrics across the board: peak floater ad placement.

42:47 : A cultural touchstone: a shoutout from South Park.

44:32 : Maturing the FTX marketing department with intention; keeping it productive & fun.

46:30 : The ideal crypto landscape in 5-10 years.

52:42 : Drawing inspiration from a healthy work-life-balance; understanding priorities.

Thanks for joining us!
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