The FTX Podcast #123 - Crypto Kaleo

Welcome to the 123rd episode of the FTX Podcast featuring special guest Crypto Kaleo and your host Tristan Yver!

Crypto Kaleo is a renowned “Crypto Twitter” personality; sharing his journey in the space through insights, memes, thoughts on different setups and trades. Just this past year he became an official FTX partner.

On this podcast episode we hear his crypto genesis story, first bear market round trip experience, lessons he learned the hard way (so you don’t have to), what he’s excited about in the space moving forward & more!

This is a great conversation about the reality of being a trader in a new space with volatile markets. There’s lots to be gained from his candid takes & how he maneuvered from some really tough pinch points to being back on top (and better for it)!

Thanks for joining us on the podcast @CryptoKaleo; your time, energy & insights are appreciated!

Time Stamps:

0:00 : Introduction; who is Crypto Kaleo.

1:11 : Crypto genesis story: following the hype, doing the research & finding Crypto Twitter!

3:27 : Identifying parallel skills reading charts & a realistic view on T.A.

4:55 : Looking back at promising technologies, the alt-coin rabbit hole & trading techniques.

7:52 : Innovative applications & the consumer/user reward model VS the bear market.

9:02 : Staying true to convictions through the turbulence of an unexpected 2017 bear market onset: navigating volatility.

11:47 : Using leverage trading in the bear market to replicate bull market volatility – learning the hard way.

14:03 : Getting greedy with the ADA long; time to reevaluate trading approach.

16:39 : The lowest of lows: March 2020 crash, “revenge trading” & the pain of watching the market climb without having a good position.

17:07 : When it rains – it pours: oil jobs gone, lost 401K, lost 100’s of 1,000’s into RIOT…

17:57 : Determination to find a way out: door-to-door sales to pay living expenses during the pandemic.

19:47 : Getting fortunate with good option plays like Neo during the rallies after the crash.

20:14 : Gaining traction with the healthy alt-season in the spring of 2021.

20:52 : Rollercoaster ride: 100K to 12.5 million in 3 weeks (then back to a mill).

21:14 : Reducing heartburn: deciding to play it more conservative.

22:18 : Managing emotions & mindset during huge monetary swings: having no fear of losses (at all).

23:43 : Know what to share – remember: your counter-party is literally on Twitter.

24:01 : Overcoming fear of failure to accomplish something great & getting accustomed to crypto’s volatility.

25:07 : Remaking lost gains: it’s easier the second time around.

25:17 : Keys to risk management: know your “degeneracy levels”, strengths, the market & remember sometimes the best thing to do in trading is nothing.

27:20 : Current focus: making new connections during the bear market by hosting twitter groups, listening for alpha, learning new tools & getting rest.

29:16 : Excited about NFTs leading the new cycle – they’re much more than just ‘art on chain’,

31:08 : Thoughts on Bitcoin decoupling from trad-fi, it’s value-transfer utility & it being a means of freedom.

32:37 : Bitcoin being decentralized is its best value proposition.

34:07 : Valuable lessons for others: community importance, keep a tech-focused perspective & remember your original convictions for this space!

35:43 : Good resource tips to provide context for those new to the space & help the on-boarding process.

38:32 : Positive life habits for success: 1. Exercise (healthy body – healthy brain) 2. Rest. 3. Make time to learn / create opportunities.

Thanks for joining us!

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