The FTX Podcast #72 - Perpetual Protocol's Yenwen Feng and Nick Tong

Perp Protocol is an on-chain DEX with highly efficient liquidity provisioning and up to 10x leverage for makers and takers. They are the largest derivatives DEX by daily trading volume.

Time Stamps:

0:00 – 4:52 : Introduction of Yenwen & Nick and how they got into Perp Protocol, launching there token and protocol, after finding the ‘crypto rabbit hole’.

4:52 – 10:22 : Jumping into the beginning of Perp Protocol and how the idea was developed, what modeling was used and the initial goals of the first version.

10:23 – 11:14 : Nick gives insight about when he came into the picture and getting ready to launch.

11:13 – 14:27 : Yenwen explains the initial team building campaign – from the founders, to engineers, to marketing and how Taiwan’s already established Ethereum space helped the recruiting process.

14:27 – 15:23 : Yenwen explains some of the office dynamics and how the team has scaled out.

15:23 – 19:15 : Digging into the Perpetual Protocol v2 AMA model process.

19:15 – 25:18 : Getting into the conceptual aspects of the different models, the three big changes of the v2 release and strategy with market makers/liquidity providers across the space.

25:18 – 30:11 : Insight on Taiwan being a welcoming space for defi protocols and what it’s like to based there compared to other potential places across the world.

30:11 – 33:04 : Yenwen speaks on their experience with xDai as a Layer 2 and how their system utilizes it for transactions.

33:02 – 34:18 : Nick talks about the Perp Token and the advantages of being flexible with the current Admission Schedule program.

34:18 – 38:49 : Yenwen and Nick share things that they’ve found helpful in building out a company in the crypto/blockchain space and advice for others.

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