The PayPal of Crypto? Interview with Marshall Hayner of Metal Pay

I’ve got another great interview for you guys today! I sat down with Marshall Hayner – the CEO of Metal Pay. Some of you may remember that I recently interviewed Erik Finman, one of the other founders of Metal Pay – but we end ended up talking mostly about Erik’s story in that interview and didn’t get to Metal much – and so I thought it would be fun to bring Marshall on to chat more.

He not only gives an overview of what Metal Pay is, but also shares his thoughts on current events, the direction DeFi is moving right now, and we even chat about PayPal’s recent announcement to enter the crypto space.

I thought this last point was particularly interesting as Marshall talked about his vision to build the “PayPal for crypto”.

He also gives his predictions on how we will not only move to a cashless society soon – but that physical credit cards may be on their way out the door as well.

I hope you guys enjoy this chat an as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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