What Is Polygon and the MATIC Token?

Polygon uses a modified proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that enables consensus to be achieved with every block. (Achieving consensus using traditional proof-of-stake requires processing many blocks to achieve consensus.)

The proof-of-stake method requires network participants to stake—agree to not trade or sell—their MATIC, in exchange for the right to validate Polygon network transactions. Successful validators in the Polygon network are rewarded with MATIC.

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Time Stamp
00:50 What is Polygon
01:09 Some daps on polygon
02:30 Best way to understand polygon
03:30 Staking dashboard/bridge
04:20 Polygon features
05:32 Overview of polygon infastructure
06:05 Upcoming upgrades
08:20 Tokenomics
09:05 Closing thoughts

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