What is UpOnly and What Makes the P2E and Metaverse Data Directory Platform Valuable?

This video will walk through the key features of UpOnly – the 1st Play-to-earn Gaming Analytics and Prediction Platform. It will also analyze what makes the project unique and valuable, as well as how its native token UPO will grow in the future?

UpOnly works by tapping into a centralized database architecture to collect in-depth data on P2E games. It also seeks to launch a metaverse directory, which will provide all relevant data regarding projects in various virtual worlds. With the metaverse housing P2E games, gamers or spectators looking to establish a virtual presence in the metaverse will be well-positioned to make informed decisions or purchases.


00:01 What is the problem UpOnly is solving?
00:51 What is UpOnly?
02:37 What makes UpOnly unique?
4:25 Summary so far
5:04 Tokenomics
6:44 Who created UpOnly?
7:28 Closing thoughts

Further Read on What is UpOnly and How Does It Work?

UpOnly Whitepaper


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