When Is the BTC Bottom?

Bitcoin’s price dipped below $21,000 Thursday — its lowest price since December 2020 — following the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates by 0.75% and a week of falling value. The central bank signaled that further interest rate hikes will come this year to combat inflation, fueling recession fears.

The leading crypto has been trading in a relatively tight range for weeks as crypto and stock markets have struggled to regain any notable upward momentum following a broader sell-off in May. Experts also point to the continuous war in Ukraine and inflation hitting a fresh 40-year high for why we’re seeing slumping prices in the stock and crypto markets

But when is the bottom??

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Time Stamp
00:36 Btc Chart overview
01:12 Most important metric to look at
02:18 What high interest rates cause
03:00 How inflation rates affect the market
04:30 1st sign you need to see
05:10 2nd sign
06:54 3rd sign
07:47 Closing thoughts

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