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The ETH merge is approaching. If you’re wondering will the ETH merge create buying opportunities in other coins? Yes. We’ll get into the details later in this video.

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But first, you need to understand what is the ETH merge?

The ETH merge is Ethereum moving from Proof-of-work to Proof-of-stake. Ethereum has actually been running two identical layers, the Ethereum Mainnet which has been Proof-of-work and the Ethereum Beacon chain which is proof-of-stake. The merge is the Proof-of-stake layer becoming the Ethereum mainnet.


00:00 What is the ETH Merge?

01:42 ETH becomes deflationary!

02:25 When is the ETH Merge?

03:05 Where are the ETH miners going?

04:17 Will layer 2 coins become more valuable?

05:26 Where to Stake ETH for crypto passive income?

06:23 KuCoin’s ETH Gold Rush Event

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