ZILHive x LongHash Demo Day 2019

In collaboration with LongHash Ventures, Zilliqa is proud to present to you ZILHive Accelerator’s Demo Day 2019, the result of a 12-week incubation programme.

The 5 featured "Incubees" are:
1. Button Wallet — A Telegram-based crypto wallet with over 85k users, winners in more than 15 international hackathons.
2. Brightree — A platform tracking bunkering supply chain to eliminate fraud and pilferage using blockchain and IoT. This has already been installed in 30 shipping bunkers.
3. Depos — A “Decentralized Bank” fully collateralized by digital assets, run by a team from BCG, INSEAD, and MIPT.
4. Mintable —A one-stop service for anyone who wishes to mint unique / non-fungible digital items easily.
5. Soundario — A music streaming platform which is designed to record and distribute value fairly using blockchain.

For more information on ZILHive and the 6th wave of ZILHive Grant funding, please read:


Apply for the 6th wave of ZILHive Grant funding here: https://tinyurl.com/zilhive-grants